Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Its My Birthday!

Wow! I'm 37 years old today. Scary.

I've got a ton of stuff on the ol' to do list today. One of those things is updating this page since I haven't done it in 2 weeks or so, so here are the pics from the last few weeks. {Click the titles to go to the albums.}

Incredible Pizza
We went to Incredible Pizza for Alyx's 6th birthday. I picked Alyx and Ethan up from school and my mom picked up Lauren and Andrew and met us there. That was the absolute best time to go there because there were maybe 20 other people there and there was no waiting anywhere! We had the best time!!!

Alyx's Birthday Party
We had Alyx's birthday party at Burger King. The kids had such a great time playing! When we were done there, we all came back over to our house to bust the pinata. That was a riot!!!

Jessie got a new camera
Mark & Pam showed up at Thai food with a surprise! An 8 month old baby... None of us realized how long it had been since we had seen them since only Anthony knew they were even expecting LOL! When we got back to our house, we were going to have margerita's but we were out of sweet and sour. I got a couple of recipes off the net and tried concocting my own but that didn't work out so well. I ended up making Val and Jessie some Bailey's Shakes and Jessie introduced me to a new drink - Sunny D and Amaretto! YUM!

Lilla {the new puppy and a bunch of humans}
Doug and Neely got a new puppy. Her name is Lilla and she's adorable! Since Jessie brought her camera again, we had a bunch of pics!

Jessie poses
We have really been getting on to Jessie lately for refusing to pose for pictures. I have threatened her with posting all the bad angle/full mouth/etc. pics if she doesn't start posing. Laura and I decided to teach her how to pose for the camera and she finally got it! It was quite an amusing process though...

Phew... I think that's it for the new pics. Anthony and I are going out to dinner tonight at a very swanky restaurant {Thanks Dawn & Jason for the gift cert!} and we have to dress up a bit. If we get a picture, I'll post that tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I'm the proud mother of this 37 year old woman! Her son got to sleep over with me, we had fun.