Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I just broke it

Just broke the appearance of my blog that is.... i'm gonna go take a nap and forget about this thing for now.... blech

George and Taylor brought me Carla's camera!!!!

Ok, so its been awhile since I've posted here.... If you want to read more about how I came by this wonderful new camera, check out the "Guess who's coming to dinner" thread here:

I'm taken this shortcut because I really just want to getting to posting of some pics!

This first one is sorta how I feel about my new camera Wink

(Actually, that's the neighbor boy in the pool)

Same neighbor boy...

If you get water in the water noodle, then blow really hard, it shoots really far.

Whatcha think? Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?

Thanks again, Carla, George and Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!