Friday, July 28, 2006

Where in the heck is Joe Pesci when you need him?

Ever have those days where just nothin' will go right for you? Then, you realize it's almost 8:30 and your family hasn't had dinner yet. So, you're thinking, "Oh, yeah, food. Food will make it all right again!" You think about what you are going to get the whole way there... "mmmm, can't wait to sink my teeth into *insert favorite food choice here*".

You get there and the speaker thing is broken so you pull to the window and the woman opens the window and yells, "WE CLOSED!" and closes the window, then opens it again laughing. So, you chuckle mildly, all the while thinking, "If I throttle her they will spit in my food" and you place your order. She hollars it out to the folk in the back and she actually repeats it correctly - so all is good....

NOT! You get home, open it up and it's all wrong! BLEH! So, yep, I got F'd in the drive thru...Darn that Joe Pesci, never around when you need him!

*goes to flip through channels to see if Lethal Weapon is on TNN*

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Women rule the world!!!

I was chatting with my friend, Raina about my little episode in the car and she said, "Yeah, diapers work great for that too!" The one thing neither one of us could figure out is why on earth I removed the cover from the adhesive backing?!?!?! *ooops, wasn't gonna tell that part* but seriously! If anyone was unsure before, this one act confirms my official dorkdom.

So, um, yeah, I'm thinking the contents of a typical american woman's purse and car could probably handle just about anything the world can throw at us... or atleast sodas, babies and men anyway!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Stayfree to the rescue...

So, like a lot of women, I keep some 'monthly protection' in the car in case of emergencies. Well, tonight, I opened my bottle of coke while driving and it decided to majorly fizz out. I had no napkins - well, real napkins anyway LOL - but there was a pad in the console, so, I thought, what the heck! (actually, heck wasn't my exact thought) That sucker sucked it right up!!! Better than any regular napkin that's for sure!

Who knew....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Creative Team Call

The time has finally arrived that I need a creative team! I just don't seem to find the time to actually scrap anymore lol. So, here it is, my first CT Call!!! As always, you may click the picture for a larger view!

Ack, now that I'm actually posting this, I'm kinda nervous LOL!!! What if noone wants to do it? Shhh, don't tell anyone I'm a total dork!!! Then, they really won't apply....

{Jen}spiration FREEBIE!

Ok, so I had a little accident with my computer the other night... long story, but due to my own stupidity and stupid microsoft update, I lost a TON of design stuff from photoshop. So, I've been laboriously working on rebuilding my 'tools'.

I posted on DST (digishoptalk) about it and everyone was so kind and made me laugh a ton, so I decided to post a little freebie from some of the stuff I've been rebuilding!

:: Click here for detail images ::

Add-on includes:
  • 6 Papers - sort of solid, sort of patterned ;)
  • 1 Funky Doodled Frame (approx 5 x 7 .png)
  • 1 Funky Glitter Doodled Frame (approx 5 x 7 .png)
  • 1 Shabby Flower with Glitter center
  • 1 Fun Fur alpha (complete lowers with some special characters)

The original {Jen}spiration kit is full of funky doodles and HAWT, new embellies and is available at PDW

The freebie add-on is available to Members in the Download Gallery and is FREE for your personal use!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Schtuff...

Here are my latest creations, {Jen}spiration and Fireworks Fun. Both are available at

{Jen}spiration was inspired by my friend Jennifer. Not only is she super hot and stylish, she's also very sweet and fun. I wanted the kit to reflect that about her, so I used trendy doodles, girly colors and some bling (and even some fun fur brads heheh!!!)!

Fireworks Fun was created for the 4th of July (yes, I am master of restating the obvious lol). I absolutely love the elements pack on this one. I print out all of my designs once they are done to make sure they are OK and everyone that has seen the printouts has touched the fuzzy, fiber trimmed star - it just looks so freaking REAL! I'm quite impressed with it LOL.