Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So, Jane has been giving us some inspiration for posting in the daily moos over at oscraps. Wednesdays have turned into WWWednesdays. WWWednesdays are simple, you just post your 3 www's for the day - wishes and wants of things you want to get done or wish would happen. I've already posted my www's for today in today's daily moos, but I've got a few more to add...

1. I wish I had gone to the grocery store yesterday like I was supposed to when it was a beautiful 60+ degree day.
2. I wish that I had not walked all the way across the warm grocery store to go out the far set of doors because my car was parked in that end of the parking lot.
3. I wish that I had actually parked on that end of the parking lot instead of the other end.
4. I wish I hadn't walked all the way across the parking lot in the freezing drizzle and just thrown my groceries in the back seat.
5. I wish I had actually taken the donations to goodwill so that the back end would have been empty and I could have put the groceries back there.
6. I wish I hadn't taken that corner so fast on the way home, tipping over my bags of groceries and knocking over a mostly full can of coke all over the bag seat.
7. I wish my bag of fruits and veggies hadn't fallen out upside down when I opened the door to get the groceries out.
8. I wish I had actually picked up *all* the grapes that had escaped packaging in the fall.
9. I wish I had cleaned out the refrigerator before I went.
10. I wish that the tub of butter hadn't fallen out on my foot when I tried to sneak another tub in behind it.
11. I wish I hadn't stepped on that grape that was on the ground when I got more groceries out.
12. I wish that grapes didn't look so yucky when squished on the bottom of your shoe.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving this year! We spent the day with my mom, my sister and her family and their extended family and friends. Boy, that is a mouthful.

We ate and ate and ate, of course, celebrated Bethany's birthday, the kids got in the hot tub (naturally my camera battery had died by this point), and generally just hung out enjoying the gawgus weather! Alyx ended up having a sleep over at my mom's house, so Anthony and I came home and watched TV and ate the potroast I had put in that morning. It was a wonderfully relaxing and fun day.

Here are a couple of layouts so far from the day!

Hopefully I'll get more layouts posted later as I've got some serious scrapping to do with all my Black Friday purchases!! Ooooh, thank goodness for ACDSee 9!!!!!! Getting me all organized and schtuff or I would be a MESS - ok, a bigger mess....

Monday, November 20, 2006

OMG! I think hell has frozen over!!!

Or rather, my own personal hell appears to be thawing out and turning into heaven! My son and hubby have been purging!!! Anthony has started cleaning out his closet - he's gotten rid of 6 very old and very large computers! Alyx has gotten rid of 5 HUGE trashbags full of toys. He is finally over power rangers and dinosaurs it appears. Well, he still wants to watch Power Rangers and dinosaur movies. But, all he wants to keep are just a few favorite items and dino books! I'm so proud of him. All of these years of taking him with me when I go to donation and talking about how some parents can't afford to buy "new" toys for their kids, so they buy them at donation stores has finally sucken in. He wants a lot of kids to be able to get a lot of toys for Christmas so he's donating most of his. Ah, I love that boy.

Oh man... I just realized something... this means it must be time for me to purge too.... Oh crap, guess I better start sorting through the old paper scrapbooking supplies. *looks around in panic*

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some things just don't work as planned...

So, here it is... covered in glitter. I'm covered in glitter. My living room is covered in glitter and the turkey for the Pin the Feather on the Turkey is atrocious!!!! So, I'm off to Walmart to buy more poster board so I can redo it sans glitter!

How hysterical is this!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Simply Holiday :: Page Kit ::

I got one of my Wednesday wishes done today! (see today's Daily O's thread in the Oscraps forums if you don't know what I'm talking about 8) )

Here it is! Ronee's and my collab kit!!! I love the way this one turned out.

AND! It is on sale at an introductory price of $4.50 for one week only!

Here's the link

In other news:

We're having a snow day today with no snow - only bitter cold and extreme winds. The power lines outside of Alyx's school were on the ground today so no school. Which is a good thing as out power went out around 3 am (imagine that rude awakening with 7 UPS's all blaring and beeping randomly!!!!) and we slept in because the alarm didn't go off.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Confused on how to use the Alpha templates?

Here is a little sample to test the DIY Alpha Templates. I've included a psd, a tiff, and png versions so you can see which type works best for you before you buy! I've also thrown in the how to :)

Download sample HERE

DIY Chipboard Alpha :: Layered Templates :: at PDW & Oscraps

Create your own unique alphabet with numbers and special characters!

Layered templates include chipboard base and drybrushed overlay giving you endless possibilities! Use the chipboard base 'as is'. Layer with colored and/or patterned papers. Use the drybrushed overlay alone or layered. Mix-n-match to your hearts content!

Available at: PDW and Oscraps

Commercial use license available at Oscraps.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or Treating with his best friend!

This is Alyx and Ethan getting ready to go trick or treating! Alyx came up with his costume idea himself. He is an Undead Knight. LOL! This boy :)

Ethan's mom took the boys (that is Ethan's little brother there with them) around the neighborhood. They had the time of their lives I tell you! I actually ran out of candy this year - 6 big bags wasn't enough.../sigh.