Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alyx's Bag O Treats has a hole....

My son, Alyx, has been wandering around the Oscraps.com website, looking at all the goodies. He was having so much fun, he never realized he had a hole in his Bag O Treats! Will you help Alyx find his treats and fill your treat bag as well? There are 10 treats total!

Alyx's first stop was in the Oscraps forums because he wanted to see why his mom was always chattering about getting her "daily moo". What do cows have to do with digital scrapbooking
anyway? Alyx made his first post at Oscraps.com on Monday, Oct. 30th...

PS~ you'll find this image when you've correctly solved the clues! The goodies will be available all week!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Zen-10 Mini Kit

Here's my latest mini kit!

Available for just $2.99 at




Have you been KISS'd lately?

WOW have I totally fallen in love with sketch templates!!! For some reason I totally freeze up when I try to do a digi layout from scratch, but if I make a template first, then make my pages I'm good to go! So, expect to see lots more templates from me!

Here's a new set in my new KISS line - Keep It Simple Sketch templates. These sketches are super quick and easy to use with a minimal number of layers and designer details included!

No. 2 - Clean lines with a little twist - notebook paper!

Designer elements include:
  • Torn Spiral Notebook paper (thank Atomic Cupcake)
    Lazercutz - Chipboard Bookplate Tab with Rice Paper label insert and drybrush layer to paper, recolor, or leave as-is
No. 3 - Slightly wonky layers make this page appear just like a paper scrapped page (I never could cut straight even with a trimmer!)

Designer elements include:
  • Realistically "straight" Stitching
    Craftpaper photo tab

Both layered .tiff and .psd files (available in separate downloads). 'How to' included.

Available at:


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Celebrity in a red cast...

OMG! first off, I'm sitting here watching TV - have y'all seen the new Burger King "eat like snake" commercial? I can't even count the number of ways it is wrong! LMAO! OMG!

so, back to the originally scheduled update...

Alyx is doing really, really well with his cast He's definately enjoying all the attention - everyone wanting to know how he did it, how he feels, etc.

Here's the promised pics :)

At home, after the ER - with all his requested comfort snacks around him :)

His best friend, Ethan was the first to get to sign his new cast.

His dad and I got to sign next - his dad drew the T-rex head :)

He was the definate center of attention as all his classmates got to sign his cast before class. We found the coolest metallic sharpies!

Even his teacher, Mrs. Allen signed :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quick update on Alyx's arm...

He is doing great! got the permanent cast on today and the doc thinks his arm will heal beautifully. He will wear this full arm cast 4 weeks, then a forearm cast 4 weeks, then a splint 4 weeks. Yikes!

We got some kick butt metallic sharpies for signing his red cast - its very cool!!!
I'll try to post some pics tomorrow.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Them bones....

Alyx broke his arm tonight. They sedated him and set it temporarily at the ER tonight and we've got an appointment with the orthopedic tomorrow. I might be MIA for a bit takin' care of my boy.

He was such a trooper. Anthony drove on the way to the hospital and I sat in the back with him, singing "his" song (a song I made up when he was a baby). It was so sweet. Every time it would start to hurt or he would get a little scared, he would sing along with me in a trembly, little voice. It's funny, I have to admit, I was a little surprised he new the words - DUH! I know... I've only been singing this song to him for 6+ years now. It's just that he never sings along, he just listens and occassionally hums.

He did really well at the hospital. The only time he got upset was when someone new would walk in the room and comment on his arm (it looked very, very bad). After they set it, he was telling them all about his toys and even got to eat a grape popsicle. I must say, the ER staff was amazing. It's a brand new hospital in our town - thank God it was there and close - so I didn't really know what to expect. They took him back immediately (there were others ahead of him, but his was an urgent need) and treated him (and Anthony and I too) so incredibly well - they were kind and caring and gentle and took their time and I'm just so impressed.

I'll try to update tomorrow after we visit the specialist.