Thursday, September 13, 2007

the best day in a really looooong time!

We've been trying to walk most every night trying to get ready for all the walking we'll be doing at Disney next month. So, the one person I was really worried about getting too tired is myself, cuz ya know- I lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle. So, I decided to go for an extra walk today and I was trying to kick it up a notch and was jogging part of it and a guy drives by, then turns around and drives back by to get another look!!! woooohooo.... go me!

So, I was so jazzed by that, I went around the block a second time, then broke into the neighbors house to work out on the bowflex in his garage. Ok, so I didn't break in, I have a key and it's our bowflex, we just don't have room to leave it set up in the house, but I digress.... so anywho, I worked out and it felt soooo goood! We have struggled for so long feeling crappy from the battle of the mold that I had forgotten how good it feels to be active!

Then, I went to lunch with the hubby and his co-worker and then ran some errands. Well, it was such a gorgeous day that I had the windows down and the stereo cranked. Naturally, I was dancin' in the car having a grand time, all by myself and got checked out twice more.... And, not just by mullet boys in 1972 camaro's this time lol

Of course, that could be because I was dancing to this song (both the english version and this version)

and I learned my chair dancing from this guy...

Or maybe, it was just because of the other song I was jammin' to... (ok, so I guess I should say this one would be pg-13 for animated violence, blah, blah, blah.....)

So, there ya go :) a totally fun day in my world....


Michelle Filo said...

hahaahahahha, fun day and a fun post! love those videos Vicki!
and so can relate with being over excited about being checked out LOL
have a great weekend!!

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Cute Vickie!

Hey, can you email me at I have an urgent question for you...


Andrea said...

That is too funny!! So the guy dancing in the chair, he was pretty good, I liked the part where he did the whole eye brow thing!!