Tuesday, May 09, 2006

a little torn, a lot happy

I just posted my "week 2" entry for the Ultimate DigiScrapper Contest. You may see it


The assignment is an all about me page of how we see ourselves. Now, I typically only scrap AAM layouts with my glamour queen pics but thought I would go for the face I show to the world 50% of the time for this one. This picture was taken yesterday and was exactly how I looked when I decided to do it. I admit, the rest of the pic is staged to fit the idea of the page. I don't normally sit on the floor of my laundry room and rarely let my son sit on the dryer LOL! I also normally design on 2 desktop pc's and not the laptop, but hubby just set it up so I can now so I won't be chained to my desk anymore! He's the greatest!

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