Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back in Black Blog Contest

So, I posted on my blog on Tuesday about a little unfortunate incident involving my lunch and me gallery hopping while finallizing my CT Call and since I just released my Back in Black elements on Tuesday as well, I thought they would be perfect combo for a little contest reward on the old blog...

So, here are the details...

You must answer one little question correctly....
What did I NOT get to have for lunch on Tuesday (what is that blackened yucky mess in the picture?)

The first 15 people to post the correct answer in the Forums (in the contest area) win my Back in Black elements!


Here's what you can win!!!

Wooohooo! My first official contest! Go me!


Holly said...

Ha ha ha.

Looks like an attempt at fried plantains...?

Don't feel bad- I can't cook at all. We have to have a flaw somewhere, right? Being perfect is just so boring.

Victoria said...

ROFLMAO!!!! Holly, you are SO right!!!

About the being perfect is boring... not about the plaintains! LOL

Rebecca said...

Lovely job on the fabric flowers!