Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ok... so the smoke alarm is going off... {CT Call related}

I know I said I would post this here today... but it looks like its going to happen WAY LATER today.... I was just going through the 40+ applicants one last time and totally forgot my food in the oven until the smoke alarm started going off!!! So, now I'm completely bummed cuz I actually wanted to eat those yummy leftovers... and I'm exhausted from staying up til 4:30 am with all the last minute details for the opening of the Oscraps store today (can someone please tell me where I got the insane idea to make the store and ct announcement for the same day? A #1 Idiot, that's me)...

Anywho, I'm going to get some non-blackened-food... now maybe if it was cajun blackened chicken... hmmmmm. Perhaps I need a nap too. Back later!

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Anna said...

Hugs to Vicki .......get some sleep girl.