Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alyx's Bag O Treats has a hole....

My son, Alyx, has been wandering around the Oscraps.com website, looking at all the goodies. He was having so much fun, he never realized he had a hole in his Bag O Treats! Will you help Alyx find his treats and fill your treat bag as well? There are 10 treats total!

Alyx's first stop was in the Oscraps forums because he wanted to see why his mom was always chattering about getting her "daily moo". What do cows have to do with digital scrapbooking
anyway? Alyx made his first post at Oscraps.com on Monday, Oct. 30th...

PS~ you'll find this image when you've correctly solved the clues! The goodies will be available all week!

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