Thursday, January 11, 2007

Whine, whine, whine... can I have some wine please?

Yesterday, I took some time off from site business (backend stuff that tends to stress me out a bit - ok, a lot lol) and do some designing. I have an almost finished kit that I've been working on for over a month now, squeezing in a little here and a little there. So, I spent most of the day putting finishing touches, pulling together, packaging, etc. and realized that I wasn't quite happy with how everything went together. So, at 8pm I started reworking again. At 10:30, my munchkin - who should have been in bed an hour earlier, says, "Mom, do the people you work with know you have a son?"

WOAH! That was a "step back, take a look around" moment for me. I've worked pretty much non-stop since March of last year when I got this crazy idea to start my own site. With the new year, I made the resolution to not work so much this year. I thought I was doing pretty good. I mean, I haven't been working every waking moment like I did most of last year.

But, apparently it's still too much in Alyx's eyes. And, when I step back and look at it, it really is too much. I'm going to have to accept the fact that, as Genevieve's husband says, "There's only one way to eat an elephant. One bite at a time." I'm going to do what I can do and get done what I can get done during the day while Alyx is at school and Anthony is at work and then I'm going to shut it down at night.

Wish me luck.


Erin said...

Hugs Vicki, I think you've made the right decision although I will miss catching you on hello in the evenings. Family really is more important.

Genevieve said...

Good luck! You're very right--family is the most important thing, and I hope you're able to take the evenings off for some quality time with them!

Darlene said...

You'll do well sweetie!!! family is first & foremost...out of the mouth of babes....working from home is one of the hardest jobs - cuz you're the CEO of so many jobs & so little time. That's why I think they invented work hours in regular jobs...LOL!!!...wonder why us stay-home workers find that concept so hard to initiate...Congrats & I hope all works out well. Great advice for all of us (plus there's less burnout & sleep deprevation...hehe...that's got to be a good thing also)


carla said...

Vicki I think we all understand what you are going through. When the job is 24/7, family tends to get shoved to the backburner. When the business starts running you, instead of you running the business, then you need to look at changes. I think that this is something that a lot of people of facing right now. I think that you've made an excellent decision. Your baby is growing up before your eyes, they don't stay little forever! I've missed out on so much this year and it's starting to show on my family. I agree with the changes, may need to start doing the same thing. Enjoy the time with your loved ones!

kaytebug said...

Family comes first.
You can do this, and you may find you're more productive when you balance your life.

Heather Heizner said...

Good luck Vicki! That must've been heart breaking in a way!

craftyjay said...

Wow! I find your designs so exciting!