Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yet another family pic...

Wow. I now know what I do NOT want to be when I grow up - a portrait photographer. Three sets of parents/grandparents said, "what I really want for Christmas is a family picture of you kids together." Well, trying to mesh my sister's family schedule with mine... *heavy sigh* Well, lets just say it was hard. And by the time we did, we couldn't get an appointment with a professional. So, I volunteered to take it. I mean, I do take pictures all the time right? Oh my. Who knew.

Number 1: You need a lot of space to set up shop, otherwise you end up with this wierd perspective thing.
Number 2: Lighting. 'Nuff said.
Number 3: Setting the timer and running into the frame - gets old fast.
Number 4: Not everyone smiles everytime.
Number 5: there is not enough valium in the world....

So, we agreed that next year, if anyone asks for a pic for christmas we just offer to slit our own throats or pay them $10,000. {THAT IS A JOKE PEOPLE! We actually had a very good time together. Good grief! comment added after reading this ruined someone's day...}

Ah well, enough blathering... here they are.

Family Pics

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