Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Alyx's Award Winning Drawing!

We finally got to see the picture that Alyx had drawn for the Reflections Program! Nothing like him drawing a picture in September 2005, getting a letter in January 2006 about the award program, getting the award February 13, 2006 and getting the picture March 30, 2006! When he showed me, he said, "Oh yeah, I do remember drawing this now! The paper wasn't big enough for me to fit both dinosaurs on it, so I just had to put the head and neck of the other T-Rex. See, these T-Rex's were fighting... cuz that's what T-Rex's do ya know... but then the big meteor came and hit and the earth and the volcanoes started erupting and these dinos didn't notice because they were fighting. So, when the ash and dirt covered them they died both together and later a paleontologist can find their bones both together."

Woah! I was so excited to get the picture that I hurried up and digi-scrapped it. Now that I write this, I realize I need to re-work to include the above journaling LOL! Well, thankfully that's the beauty of digi-scrapping --its easy to change things!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Alyx!!

Great blog, Victoria!!

~Susan Easley/suvel