Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holy Cow Batman!

Wow, I'm not so sure my poor little server (let alone me LOL) can handle the response to oScraps!

I've had over 75 members sign up in the last 1 1/2 days! Its so exciting!!! And, a little scary. I guess this means I need to keep designing! Or atleast designing faster LOL!

I feel like such a dork now. I had a little breakdown the other night. Whining to the hubby about how I was worried noone was going to like my designs. Well, apparently the word is spreading and spreading quickly. So, I'm going to stroke my own ego and assume that means that a few people liked my designs enough to tell their friends! Yay! Go me! LOL.

Ok, enough of that. Guess, I'll get back to designing. Or maybe I should fix some dinner and do some laundry since those are just 2 of the things that have been sliding so I can sit in front of the puter....

Talk to y'all tomorrow (hopefully!)

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