Friday, September 08, 2006

Holy Dust and Debris Batgirl!

So, anyone wanna come visit us? You'll breathe better in our home if you do!

We had a our vents cleaned the other day. Can I just say... Oh My Freaking Ghoulish Nightmare the crap that came out of there! No wonder we all live with constant drippy noses. These vents had never been cleaned in almost 20 years. The guys pulled BUILDER DEBRIS (read: freaking trash!) out of the vents. Lazy Bastage builders. We're talking a full gallon of dust, dirt and debris came out of the vents.

Can I get a collective - UGH!

So, anyway, we're breathing better now :)


Lu said...

We had that done when we first moved into our house almost three years ago. I was trippin all the crap that came out of those vents. The people who had our house before NEVER cleaned the vents in the ten years they had been there and our house is over 30 years old.

Rose said...

Oh my poor thing...note to about cleaning house is 90yrs old...I wonder when someone last did this...Lovely blog though!