Thursday, September 28, 2006

You may not see me for a few years...

Ok, so I've had it! I can't find a darn thing on any of my computers without a 10 min search. I've got 3 computers that I use on a daily basis. Technically, each one has its own purpose (1 design, 1 gaming, and my laptop)... but things have become rather, um, meshed together is a nice way of saying it. Nothing is where it is supposed to be, many things are in 15 different spots - ugh.

So, after seeing a few threads on DST about organization and Gina Miller's blog showing off her organization system, I've decided it's time to bite the bullet... it may take a few years and I'm sure I'll give up before I'm done... but today I'll try. I should have taken a 'before' screenshot of my laptop desktop before starting this since this the puter I'm starting with.... Oh well, here it is after I've already been moving/deleting/etc this morning. See all those empty spaces? Every single space on there had an icon in it before I started... let's see how far I get today.

Oh yeah, I gotta go get the munchkin ready for school and fix him some breakfast before I can get back to it.... see ya later and HEY! le-go my eggo!

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Anna said...

OK now you're scaring me....You've blogged twice in ONE week AND your organizing. Whoever you are PLEASE don't hurt my friend Vicki! bahahahahahha. Good Luck Girl!