Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So, Jane has been giving us some inspiration for posting in the daily moos over at oscraps. Wednesdays have turned into WWWednesdays. WWWednesdays are simple, you just post your 3 www's for the day - wishes and wants of things you want to get done or wish would happen. I've already posted my www's for today in today's daily moos, but I've got a few more to add...

1. I wish I had gone to the grocery store yesterday like I was supposed to when it was a beautiful 60+ degree day.
2. I wish that I had not walked all the way across the warm grocery store to go out the far set of doors because my car was parked in that end of the parking lot.
3. I wish that I had actually parked on that end of the parking lot instead of the other end.
4. I wish I hadn't walked all the way across the parking lot in the freezing drizzle and just thrown my groceries in the back seat.
5. I wish I had actually taken the donations to goodwill so that the back end would have been empty and I could have put the groceries back there.
6. I wish I hadn't taken that corner so fast on the way home, tipping over my bags of groceries and knocking over a mostly full can of coke all over the bag seat.
7. I wish my bag of fruits and veggies hadn't fallen out upside down when I opened the door to get the groceries out.
8. I wish I had actually picked up *all* the grapes that had escaped packaging in the fall.
9. I wish I had cleaned out the refrigerator before I went.
10. I wish that the tub of butter hadn't fallen out on my foot when I tried to sneak another tub in behind it.
11. I wish I hadn't stepped on that grape that was on the ground when I got more groceries out.
12. I wish that grapes didn't look so yucky when squished on the bottom of your shoe.


Erin said...

Sorry, couldn't belp but laugh at your adventure. May the rest of your day be cozy and mess free!

sally/cellomom said...

you are a HOOT, Vicki...and the funniest thing is that this almost exactly happened to me last week, except when the tub of butter fell on my foot, it cracked at the bottom of the tub. So I had to get out one of those handy ziplock containers to put the untainted butter in!! Hee hee!!

TFS your fun day!!

see you at the moos!!

Carla said...

LOL! You are cracking me up!!! I can just visualize each step of you wishes! I am cracking up so much I can barely type!!!

Jane said...

I admit to a giggle at your misfortune too :o) I'm sorry...