Sunday, November 27, 2005

Final Vegas post

Gambling… Winning…. Losing… Waiting... Pick-up Lines...

After tattoos on Monday and shopping all day Tuesday, we really hadn’t gambled at all since we’d gotten there. So, about 10:30 Tuesday night, Gena and I decided it was time for some serious casino quality time. We threw on our sweats and headed downstairs. She played blackjack all night and I split my time between blackjack and slots. I found a hot machine that paid me every time I went back to it. If I stayed there too long though, I’d start losing again. But, each time I started losing, I just headed back to blackjack, played a few hands, socialized and headed back to my machine to cash in. By 5:30 am I had paid for my trip and my new coat, so I headed up to bed a happy, happy girl! I think Gena was up a couple hundred dollars when she came up at 7 am.

Wednesday, was a crap day! Lots of reasons, but no excuses, I was stupid and gave back all the money I had won and then some. Gena, who was amazed by my luck at the slots the night before, decided to play those and stole all my luck *grin*. Ah well, win some, lose lots…

Thursday morning we were heading home. I had gotten 2 hours of sleep and Gena, probably 4 hours. Although exhausted, we made it to the airport in plenty of time for our flight. Oy, if we had known what was in store for us, we would have just kept sleeping.

We board our flight and I am ready to just close my eyes and sleep the whole way home, but we just sat there for 45 minutes. They explained there was a problem with the landing gear doors. They had thought it was fixed but apparently not, so they were going to de-plane us and fix it again. So, off we get. We sat around for an hour or two or three (it’s all a blur now and I forget) before we re-board the plane only to back up and pull right back in. Off we get, again. The flight to Tulsa was also delayed, so when we got back off the plane they all welcomed us back to Vegas. It was pretty funny.

8 1/2 hours later, our flight took over a flight going from Dallas ---> Vegas ---> Denver and Tulsa was getting our plane. See, the airlines policy was if you were there for over 8 hours (from scheduled departure time) then they had to comp a room and refund the price of the ticket and get you home the next day. Tulsa's plane was not fixable at that point; our plane was but they were waiting for a part to be flown in; there was no return flight waiting in Tulsa while there was one in OKC; so, they took all the Denver passengers off in Vegas so they could start the clock over. When we finally got off the plane in OKC, the people there waiting cheered for us. :)

Pickup lines of the week:

While Gena and I had lots of fun meeting new people all week, we did notice one thing. When you aren’t looking anymore, you really do get hit on more. Everyone was very respectful and only once did we feel uncomfortable and that was really no big deal.

The funniest pick up line of the week happened at the airport.
First, a little background: I sat next to a man and woman on the flight out. He had tried for 30 min to get his companion a margarita with little success. We chatted amicably throughout the flight and I thought nothing of it, as I am naturally friendly and have a tendency to chatter (like that is news to anyone). Fast forward to flight home…About 6 hours into our wait at the airport, they finally decided to pass out food vouchers, so I stood in line for Gena’s and I mine. The man who I had sat next to on the trip out was behind me in line. It went something like this…

Me: Hah, you thought getting your margarita on the flight out here took a long time.
You didn’t know it was going to take this long to get home, huh?

Steve: Ah, yeah. I didn’t. That wasn’t my margarita, I drink (insert drink here, I forget).

Me: Ah, yes, I forgot, your wife’s margarita then.

Steve: Oh, she’s not my wife. I mean, I’m not married. She is, but I’m not.

Me: Oh. Ok.

Steve: That’s why when I saw you get on the plane the other day, I was like “Woah!” And, then, when you sat next to me; and you were so nice. I was like “Yeah!”

Me: *blush* Ah, well, thanks.

Steve: And, then when you got off the plane, I thought I’d never see you again.

Me: *nervous laughter because I know where this is headed and I do not want to go there* And, here I am waiting in line for food vouchers with you.

Steve: And here you are.

Me: Uh, yep, here I am.

Steve: *leaning in closer* Ah, well, you know, if you want to, uh, ‘communicate’, you can just slip me your number. (‘communicate’ was said in such a way that I don’t think he really meant talking ;-p )

Me: *thinking, “oh chit, oh chit, oh chit”* Ah, thank you, that’s really nice, but I am happily married.

Steve: Alright, alright.

The sweetest pickup line happened at The Mirage on the slots. After talking with a very nice guy for about 20 minutes he asked me, “Is everyone in Oklahoma as nice as you?”

The drunkest pickup line happened at the concert. Gena was standing behind me because I had squeezed up as close as I could without leaving her completely behind so I didn’t see this start but the end was hysterical.

Drunk boy: I just have to tell you, you are the prettiest girl I’ve seen in Vegas.

Gena: Well, thank you.

At which point he starts mauling her. Ok, so he was just hugging her and kissing her repeatedly on the cheek… when he noticed a guy standing next to Gena watching him.

Drunk boy: Oh, DUDE! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit on your woman!
Nice guy: Starts to run with it and tell the guy to bugger off but is interrupted by Gena saying: Oh, I’m not with him, I’m with her. (pointing at me, at which point I turn around)
Drunk boy: *with a very exaggerated double take because he was so drunk* WOAH! I didn’t see YOU when I told HER she was the prettiest girl in Vegas! (and grabs me for a big hug. Thank goodness I have a tendency to throw my head back when I laugh because I caught the kiss on my chin instead of the mouth. )

We all laughed and shooed him on his way because really, how many girls had he told that to that night and how many more before one fell for it. So, the nice guy (whom we had already been talking to because he was MUCH taller than me and helped me get some pics of Jack! above the crowd) tells us if we need to pretend to be with him, he would back us up and that he didn’t expect anything for it. We talked with him and his friend for a long time after the concert. They were great!

The hottest guy pickup line happened on the shuttle bus back to the hotel after the concert. Four very hip and good looking guys are the last ones on the bus with us and chatting amongst themselves. Gena and I were trying to place their accents when one of them asked me if there was a bin up front. At which point, I took his bottle and threw it away and said, “Ok, you said “bin” instead of trashcan, where are you from?”
Cute boy: What?
Me: you said bin instead of trashcan so you’re probably not from the states and I can’t place your accent.
Cute boy: Oh! Oh, you say trashcan here? Um, we’re from Australia.
*so we talked for awhile about the concert, Jack Johnson, and discussing where Oklahoma is – no, we don’t ride horses to work and we do enjoy indoor plumbing… *
So, he starts talking about where they are staying, where we are staying and asks us if we know of any parties. We say no and he asks if we would like to party with them… He did his best to get us to say yes, but we respectfully declined. Phew, were they cute!

Lamest pick up line of the week occurred while Gena was playing slots. A man comes up to her when she hits a jackpot and says, "Hey, I must be good luck! You hit that just as I walked by!" Nevermind that he had been walking back and forth behind her for the past 5 minutes...

Most "innocent" pick up line of the week and Gena fell for it! One of the guys she had played blackjack with all night offered to give her his phone number so she could call him if we were going to be gambling there the next night. She said, "Ok" and took out her cell phone to enter it, at which point he said, "Oh, well, why don't you give me your number too just in case." And she did! He did call the next night. AND, 2 weeks later at 1:30 am Saturday night LOL!

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