Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday Mornings Vegas part 3

Tuesday Mornings & Vegas part 3

Oy, I really don’t like Tuesday mornings. I never want to play WoW in the mornings except on Tuesdays. And Tuesdays are server maintenance day so I guess I only want to play because I can’t. There’s that always wanting what you can’t have thing I guess. So, I guess I’ll try to update this page on Tuesdays from now on. Raina, this means you need to pick a day to update too ;-p

Sooooo, anyway, back to the Vegas trip….

We stayed at The Mirage on the strip side. Had a nice view of the Venetian, which is Gena’s favorite place to stay ;) But, my favorite place to stay is whichever strip hotel has the best/cheapest deal, hence The Mirage this trip. It’s a nice hotel with a great location for people who like to shop (read Gena there). It’s within easy walking distance to the Forum Shops at Caesars and the Fashion Show Mall.

We spent ALL day shopping Tuesday & Wednesday. We tried on tons of clothes we couldn’t afford – a $4000 jacket at Dolce & Gabbana, some $600 Prada boots. Whatever. It’s insane to spend that much money on one item of clothing – even if you can afford it. We did buy a few things though… Gena: some new tennis shoes because her feet were killing her, a couple of pairs of shoes and boots, gifts for her hubby & kids; Me: a funky new coat, some kickin’ new boots, and some “tight” jeans because Gena made me and toys for Alyx.

I do think I drove Gena insane though because I am not really that much of a shopper and I certainly don't buy myself name brand clothes anymore. Hello, Walmart and Target are my best friends :) So, I had to "think" about every purchase over a certain dollar amount. And, as much as I grumbled that my old jeans were fine, I do have to grudgingly admit that the tighter ones really do look better - bleh! We did compromise on those though, I wasn't willing to go as tight as she thought I should. There's only so much I'm willing to sacrifice for fashion. Like breathing, sitting, breathing....

She was so frustrated by the time we were boot shopping all she would say was, "Well, you're going to do what you want no matter what I say, but if you don't get those boots... well.... do what you want." Not that I particularly needed her opinion on the boots. I love, love, love them! Even though they are a bit higher than what I'm normally willing to wear, they are SO comfortable!

The gay boys in the Guess store were hilarious! I had three of them helping me pick a coat and the conversation went something like this…
Gay boy #1: Oh Girl! That coat is THE one! If you wear that to the clubs, with a little red turtleneck and some kickin’ boots, you will be the hottest girl there!
Gay boy #2: Um hmm, and maybe some tighter jeans and you need to get the next smaller coat, that’s supposed to be worn skin tight. Then, it would be hot!
Gay boy #3: But she’s from Oklahoma, its cold there. She wouldn’t be able to wear anything warm under it.
Gay boy #2: Well sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion girlfriend.
Me: *laughing* Um, yeah, I’m a mom. What clubs do I get to go to? I just want to be the hottest mom in Walmart. Ok?
Gay boy #1 & 3: Oh Girl! You got that down already, and in that coat... well, there you go!

At which point I asked if they worked on commission. ;) Supposedly, no… Ah, well, it’s a great coat and *I* love it, so whatever…


Anonymous said...

Hey your lookin good in your new boots girl!!

That coat is rockin also..

Anonymous said...

You shall rue the day you acquired that coat... RUE I SAY!!!

Oh.. and the boots aren't bad, just so you know.

Victoria said...

Anonymous#1... Thanks!!!