Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

This was our year to go to Anthony's family in Texas for Thanksgiving. We had lunch at Memaw's house, then went to visit Carolyn's side at Brenda's house, then back to Memaw's for dinner. Naturally, it was a great time with family, great food, and blah, blah, blah.

After lunch, Alyx and I played ball. He hit his first thrown ball!!! (as opposed to a ball on a T) It was very exciting! *bursting with pride* So, of course, there are a million pictures of the "ball game". After awhile, Anthony came and played with us, which meant I got to hit too instead of just pitching and chasing all the balls (phew - the chasing was a bit much as I was in my Vegas boots *snicker, snort*). Alyx was very impressed with my ability to hit the ball though. *very big grin*

Alyx was very happy (and we were very relieved since we are old and tire easily) that there were several kids at Brenda's house this year for him to play with. They played Red rover, red rover and "action heroes" until Uncle Bones showed up. Alyx had been anxiously awaiting his arrival so they could build a fire again. Last Christmas, Uncle Bones had taught Alyx how to build "a REAL fire" and he thought he was the big man then. There's some pix of that as well.

Ah well, enough yammering... here's the pix.
Thanksgiving Pix

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