Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vegas Baby! - part 2 - Tattoooooos!

Here we are our first morning in Vegas. We weren't sure what we were going to do yet, but we were happy, happy to be there! The only thing we knew for sure was Gena wanted to eat lunch at Chinois.

So, naturally, our first destination had to be the Forum Shops at Caesar's. We did a little window shopping then headed down to Chinois only to find out they weren't open for lunch that day. Gena cried. Ok, not really, we just headed down to Spago instead. So, I had a really yummy chicken caesar salad. I would so have eaten that salad every day. That is, until I found out it was a twenty-two-freaking-dollars-salad. That's right, $22 for some iceberg lettuce and some chicken. I don't think so...

Anyway, Gena starts talking about getting tattoos. So, she says, "Our waitress has piercings, I bet she knows people who tattoo." And, of course, she did. She was great! She went in the back and asked everyone back there and they made us a list of where TO go and where NOT to go.

Gena had gotten her tattoo on her honeymoon. It had two cherubs on it that look so much like her daughters (which she had years after the tattoo btw - crazy!). She wanted to add their names over the cherubs. I'm kinda trying to blow it off, because I had gotten my tattoo about 13 years ago during my "wild days", from a homemade gun and it hurt SO BAD! It was made from a door bell motor with a single needle that went too deep and moved to slow. That thing was like a jackhammer on my shoulder for 4 hours and we didn't even finish it. No way was I going through that pain again, I would just continue to never show my back in public ;) .

But, once Gena gets an idea in her head there is no stopping her. So, naturally, we end up at Studio21 { } Tattoo Gallery. She got hers done first and it looked great. Our artist, Aaron, was amazing (that's us with Aaron in the pic). He was so nice and so talented!

Aaron looked at my old tattoo and told me it was actually really good for a homemade tat. He volunteered to re-draw it over the old one so I could look at it and decide if I wanted to do it or not. Of course, the re-draw was so great I had to do it but I was terrified! I told him all about the original experience and he assured me this would be nothing like that. And, he was right! It only hurt a couple of times and even that wasn't bad. The only time it really hurt was when he added color and the white highlight. That only hurt because he was going back over areas that were already sensitive. And, it only took 45 minutes and looked amazing!

Bet you want to see the pics now, huh...

Tattoo Pics

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