Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas Day 2005

What a great day we had this year. I woke up too freaking early, but I was worrying about finishing my sis' gift and picking up the house, etc. So, I guess it was inevitable. Alyx and Anthony didn't wake up for hours. You would think, with all that 'free' time, I would have gotten ready before the official gift/photo extravaganza began. Every year I say I'm going to get up early and get ready next year so there won't be any more awful morning-look pics of me. And, every year there are the usual awful pics. Ah well.

Alyx got up around 5:45 am and came looking for me to let me know that Santa had "really brought me some stuff". I told him yep, but its still early, go back to sleep. And, for once he did!!! He ended up sleeping until around 10 am and immediately headed for the loot!

After he had made his second round through all the new toys/books it was time to see if Ethan was up. He was, so they had their gift exchange with much hoopla and yelling. What a great time they had playing!

Mom came down for lunch around 1pm. I had put a pot roast in the crock pot at midnight Christmas Eve and it was divine by lunch time! Getting Alyx to stop playing long enough to eat was a joke, so he basically didn't.

After lunch, I worked on my sister's scrapbook. Anthony played Warcraft and slept. Mom knitted and slept and watched something about UFOs on the Discovery Channel. Alyx played and played and woke up his dad and played and woke up his grandma and played...

My sister and her family arrived for dinner (roast beef sandwiches) and, yet again, more gifts. Lauren got a dance mat (where you step on the light) and said, "I don't dance." So, Andrew and I gave it a whirl - holy crap that takes energy, coordination, and stamina. Yeah, I don't got that LOL! Lauren and Alyx played like crazy people and Andrew played his new guitar for us. We had such a wonderful time, they stayed for hours!

After they left, mom and I went to check out the winners in the town Christmas light contest. The winners are based on shear volume of lights... not aesthetic appeal, layout, scheme, etc. Its insane the amount of lights/decorations at these houses. These people must have atleast 10 storage units to store all that crap. Insane.

Christmas Day 2005 pics

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