Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mom's Birthday

Last Monday was mom's birthday. Libby, Lauren and mom met us at Bahama Breeze restaurant for dinner. We didn't think Shawn and Andrew were going to be able to make it as they had the first volleyball game where they were playing together on a competitive team for the first time. Shawn says his lifelong dream was coming true - to play competitively with his son. Anywho... they did end up coming by and eating on their way. After dinner, Anthony & I came home and everyone else went to the volleyball game.

We gave mom the group pics we had taken back in december as her gift. There was a 5 x7 of all of us together and a tri-photo frame with a shot of Libby's family, my family, and the three 'grands' in seperate mats. She loved them. :) Alyx thought it was wierd we were just giving her pictures for her birthday. He thought that was boring but I explained that old people like grandma and mommy like getting pictures as gifts. :-/

Here are
Mom's Birthday pics


AL's mom said...

Aren't we just cute! I love Alyx's statement.

Anonymous said...

I'm so blessed to have two beautiful daughters. 2 handsome sons in law, and 3 of the worlds very best darling grandchildren.

Thank you for my birthday presents. I look at them many times a day and enjoy!