Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saying goodbye

We said goodbye to Kitty last Thursday afternoon. She lived a long, long life - 13 or 14 years, we can't remember exactly - and she was the best dog ever. She was friendly and loving and so, so funny.

Kitty was my dog before I met Anthony, but she quickly became his too after we got together. For several years, she and Bookmark were our kids and we spoiled them like crazy. Then we had Alyx and everyone's life changed.

Kitty was just incredible with Alyx. She was so patient and loving to him - even when he sat on her and played horse, piled pillows on her, and generally made a nuisance of himself. She watched out for him and followed him wherever he went.

This pic was taken about an hour before she passed. I admit, I edited the heck out of the picture. I wanted a much softer, dreamy look to it rather than the harsh reality of my splotchy, red, tear streaked face.


Colby said...

She was a good dog, and a good friend to everyone. And the picture, I think, does excellent justice to her memory.

Victoria said...

Thanks Colby *hugs*

libby said...

We all cried when I told the Shawn, Andrew and Lauren about Kitty. We are truly sorry for your loss. But now she can keep Mookie and Isaac company as Lauren said. The picture reflects the genuine love that you shared.