Saturday, January 21, 2006

friends on the side...

In case you hadn't noticed. I've started putting links in the sidebar to some friend's sites. If you have a site you want me to link to, just let me know! Doesn't mean I'll link to it but.... ;P Check them out if you have a chance.

Raina's 8 hours sleep blog: Raina is worth travellng half way around the world to visit (I'll dig up the link to our european vactaion to visit john and raina pages one of these days

Brandon's myspace: Brandon is my neighbor and the guy who turned me on to Jack Johnson. He's also a mac daddy so check out his friends list on myspace lol.

Liz's E-Squared Blog: Liz is an online scrapbooking friend of mine. Shee is recenly married and has some great wedding stuff on her site as well as scrapping stuff.

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